Investor Commitment

Before continuing to browse our company's website, please confirm that you or the institution you represent is an "Accredited Investor." An "Accredited Investor" refers to a professional investor qualified to invest in private equity securities investment funds as stipulated by securities and investment regulations in any country or region. For instance, according to China's "Interim Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Private Investment Funds," the criteria for Accredited Investors are as follows:

Units and individuals with corresponding risk identification and risk-bearing capabilities, investing in a single private equity fund with an amount not less than RMB 1 million and meeting the following relevant standards:

  1. Units with a net asset value of not less than RMB 10 million;
  2. Individuals with financial assets of not less than RMB 3 million or an average annual personal income of not less than RMB 500,000 for the past three years. (The financial assets mentioned in the preceding paragraph include bank deposits, stocks, bonds, fund shares, asset management plans, bank financial products, trust plans, insurance products, futures interests, etc.)

The following investors are deemed as Accredited Investors:

  1. Social security funds, enterprise annuities, and other pension funds, charitable funds, and other social welfare funds;
  2. Investment plans established in accordance with the law and registered with the Asset Management Association of China;
  3. Private equity fund managers and their employees investing in the private equity funds they manage;
  4. Other investors specified by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Please read this notice carefully and confirm that you are an Accredited Investor before proceeding to access the page for relevant private equity fund display information. (All information on this website is for general reference only, and the information and materials introduced on this website are not intended to provide any form of investment advice to any investor or third party. The past performance of funds does not predict their future performance. Investors should carefully read the fund contract before making investment decisions and bear the investment risks themselves. Without the written consent of Shanghai Mingxi Asset Management Co., Ltd., no individual or entity may disclose, copy, or forward any information contained on this website to any other individual or entity.)

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MX Capital brings together a highly talented and internationally competitive team, selecting exceptional candidates from around the globe. Currently, the firm employs approximately 40 individuals, with 70% dedicated to our investment and research teams. Our team members hail from prestigious institutions. Of these, 52% are graduates of China's C9 League universities, 48% are from QS Top 50 universities worldwide, and 100% hold master's degrees or higher.

As a pioneer in the quantitative investment sector in China, we prioritize and invest heavily in talent development. Committed to our long-term vision of building a world-class hedge fund, we strive to cultivate a team that is stable, collaborative, innovative, and highly professional.


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