We initiate a kind of spirit of which advantageous to collaborate, insisting, struggling and seeking the truth of research. We take delight in sharing and listening, and encourage innovation and collaboration. By involving in numerous projects, you will not only enhance your understanding regarding investment, but also promote professional competitiveness. MX’s world consists of a vigorous atmosphere, friendly working conditions, and many unique souls. Consequently, what we trust is that you will enjoy being one of MX’s family. Take an overview of how our members feel in MX below.

01 Michael, Head of Trading

Working at MX has been an enlightening experience, as I have observed a much more harmonious atmosphere compared to larger institutions. The boundaries between colleagues are blurred, fostering a natural sense of teamwork where everyone's ideas are valued and considered.

The flexibility of investment research work is particularly noteworthy. Rather than adhering strictly to traditional frameworks and formulas, there is an emphasis on thinking outside the box and exploring overlooked investment opportunities. The culture's promotion of innovation is evident in open discussions and experimentation with new investment strategies.

The company promotes efficient work and discourages ineffective overtime in order to ensure sufficient rest and foster inspiration for long-term sustainable research development, ultimately achieving a work-life balance.

02 Cody, Investment Research Department

Working in a rapidly growing company entails the task of inspiring new employees to accelerate their growth, which I believe is one of the key pillars that MX provides to new hires and recent graduates during the company's expansion phase. Given the business's current stage of swift development, individuals who have recently joined Mingxi or are fresh graduates have the potential to swiftly become integral members of the team. Additionally, Mingxi's incentive system ensures that exceptional employees receive highly competitive rewards.

Furthermore, despite the diverse departments and teams within Mingxi, all colleagues acknowledge and appreciate the company's culture of freedom and relaxation.

03 Leo, Investment Research Department

Before entering the quantitative industry, I had the misconception that quantitative work primarily involved routine maintenance of pre-existing algorithms and models.

After joining MX, I discovered that the original data is dynamic rather than static, resembling surging waves. It is essential to grasp its core in order to keep pace with the market trends. MX provides me with a highly conducive research environment where my unconventional ideas are supported and swiftly transformed into solid operational experiments.

04 Ken, Investment Research Department

The two months spent in Mingxi allowed me to deeply appreciate the allure of the quantitative industry. As a novice, I was able to seamlessly integrate theoretical knowledge from school with practical work, while also enjoying the freedom to explore and innovate.

My mentor consistently provided me with patient, real-time feedback on project progress and detailed answers to my questions, instilling confidence in the direction of my work. Particularly valuable were the in-depth discussions that allowed me to gain a core understanding and keen insight into the industry, significantly broadening my comprehension of quantitative trading and market dynamics.

As a recently returned overseas employee, MX's implementation of flexible working hours, results-oriented job evaluation system, and open communication has significantly enhanced my work efficiency. Ming Xi also prioritizes team cohesion and the physical and mental well-being of employees. Regular sports activities not only strengthen camaraderie among colleagues but also provide a means to unwind after intense work, achieving a healthy work-life balance.

05 Zack, Investment Research Department

Working at MX, I am constantly faced with passion and challenges. As a newcomer to quantitative research, my knowledge system and research methods are not yet perfect. However, my mentor has been incredibly patient and attentive, providing me with invaluable assistance that has allowed me to quickly delve into the research process. Additionally, during communication with project managers, they are able to frequently identify potential issues.

The researchers at Mingxi, contrary to my initial expectations, engage in frequent and productive communication, often exchanging ideas across various projects. When faced with challenges in our research, the input of colleagues has proven invaluable in overcoming obstacles. This collaborative approach has significantly accelerated my progress compared to working independently.

06 Marcus, Marketing Department

The industry is the top choice for plenty of recent graduates transitioning from campus to the workforce. The challenges and demands have remained constant, with competition intensifying each year. However, it's significant to note that the financial industry encompasses a wide range of companies and positions, not all of which guarantee a promising future. Throughout my postgraduate studies, I completed a total of 5 internships in both primary and secondary markets, during which I experienced feelings of longing, confusion, and anxiety. It was through this process that I discovered my strengths and passions, ultimately leading me to secure a position at Ming Xi Capital - a company with great potential that prioritizes long-term growth and values.

For a new recruit, I personally believe that the most crucial factor is whether the company prioritizes the training and career development of newcomers. China may not lack fresh graduates, but it lacks reputable companies willing to invest time in their careful cultivation. MX's approach is commendable; competent mentors can expedite one's assimilation into their role and hasten their transition out of the novice phase. This will instill newfound confidence in new entrants to the industry as they seek their own path for advancement.

07 Hayden, Administrative Department

Joining MX in 2021, I have gained a deep appreciation for the exceptional caliber of my colleagues from esteemed institutions such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Jiaotong University, Fudan University, and QS Top 100 universities abroad. Additionally, I have been exposed to the intricate world of quantitative investing—a domain mastered by astute individuals. My time at Ming Xi has been instrumental in fostering significant personal and professional growth over the past three years.

I greatly appreciate the company's corporate culture that emphasizes freedom and responsibility, rejects the 996 and 007 work schedules, discourages ineffective overtime, prioritizes work results, promotes teamwork and mutual respect. The company also provides various welfare benefits, including monthly activities such as birthday parties, games, sports events, and training sessions. My personal favorite is the delightful afternoon tea.

08 Demi, Operations Department

I am currently interning in the operations department. Despite the short duration of the internship, my mentor is guiding me to independently manage various tasks and comprehend the underlying rationale, rather than engaging in mundane and repetitive assignments.

The office environment is highly conducive to collaboration, and my colleagues within the same department have been incredibly supportive. The company organizes monthly activities that facilitate my integration into the workplace and promote a healthy work-life balance. My internship experience has proven to be far more enriching and rewarding than I had anticipated.


09 Fred, Trading Department

It has been four months since I joined MX, and I am pleased to say that my experience has been a positive one. The company's leadership is commendably patient with new hires, and the training is thorough. In my first month, I gained valuable insights into the financial market and its complexities, as well as its potential for future growth.

The working environment at Ming Xi is highly conducive to productivity. The office tables and chairs are ergonomically designed for comfort, and the spacious workstations are equipped with adjustable desks. The view of the Huangpu River and Lujiazui from the windows is a welcome distraction. After lunch, employees can enjoy a stroll along the Huangpu River, which offers a refreshing break from the daily routine.

MX's welfare is also excellent, with no restrictions on commuting, reducing stress. You can wear your own comfortable casual outfits to work. There is no need to be overly rigid when working. You can ask questions directly, and colleagues will give detailed answers if they have time.



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